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Cadillac CTS-V

Mercedes AMG E63 vs Cadillac CTS-V: This Comparison Might Surprise You
car news 18 January 2018
The all-new Mercedes-AMG E63 has arrived looking for the crown of the best super saloon but first it needs to have a chat with the Cadillac ...
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Cadillac Launches New Championship Edition ATS-V And CTS-V
car news 30 November 2017
In order to celebrate winning the 2017 IMSA Manufacturer, Driver, Team and Endurance titles, Cadillac has put together a new Championship E...
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Cadillac Paints Limited CTS-V In Special Light Grey To Celebrate 115 Years
car news 22 August 2017
This is the 2018 Cadillac CTS-V Glacier Metallic Edition, a special model created to celebrate the company’s 115th anniversary. Cadillac wil...
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What's More Ludicrous? A Tesla P100D Model S Or A 1,000 HP Cadillac CTS-V?
car news 15 August 2017
If you're going to beat a flagship Tesla Model S in a drag race, you better throw everything plus the kitchen sink in its direction. On...
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Cadillac Salesman Gets Carried Away, Swipes CTS-V During Test Drive
car news 21 February 2017
An incident purportedly involving a Cadillac representative showing off a CTS-V to a shotgun rider, was shared on YouTube. The video title...
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