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Would You Pay $140k For A 2018 Dodge Demon Or Go For A Porsche 911 GT3?
car news 06 January 2018
While all numbers point to the Dodge Challenger Demon being an absolute monster on the drag strip, is one really worth an extra $55,000 ove...
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World's Ugliest Ford Mustang Is Up For Sale; Buy It And Kill It With Fire!
car news 04 January 2018
We can only describe this as a Ford Mustang being bitten by a Lotus Elise in a top secret lab experiment that gone horribly wrong . This …di...
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Someone Is Selling A McLaren 720S For 25 Bitcoins On Craigslist
car news 14 December 2017
The McLaren 720S has been stunning car enthusiasts ever since its Geneva Motor Show premiere but it seems one owner in the United States is...
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Would You Pay Nine Grand For A 1990 Toyota Century?
car news 19 November 2017
If you consider the first-generation Toyota Century to be a somewhat iconic vehicle, then perhaps owning one makes sense for you. Yet, for ...
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