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2019 Mazda CX-9 Brings More Features, Starts From $32,280
car news 06 August 2018
Mazda has readied the CX-9 for the 2019MY by adding more equipment and slightly increasing the MSRP. Set to arrive at select dealers this...
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Apple Expands Fleet Of Autonomous Prototypes To Catch Up With Rivals
car news 28 January 2018
Apple has registered an additional 24 autonomous prototypes with the Californian DMV, marking a significant expansion in the tech company...
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Cadillac Boss Criticizes "Extremely Clunky" Apple CarPlay
car news 19 January 2018
In recent years, Apple CarPlay has flooded the market and for many, it is hugely convenient and a serious time saver. However, Cadillac pr...
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Apple Patents Navigation System For Autonomous Vehicles
car news 22 December 2017
Apple has secured a patent for a navigation system designed for self-driving vehicles . Dubbed ‘Autonomous Navigation System’, the patent ap...
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Apple Allegedly Leasing Ex-Chrysler Proving Grounds For Autonomous Vehicle Testing
car news 04 December 2017
Apple is reportedly leasing proving grounds in Arizona once owned by Chrysler in a bid to test autonomous vehicles. A source claims that the...
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Apple Scientists Submit Paper On Autonomous Vehicle Research
car news 22 November 2017
In what appears to be Apple's first publicly disclosed paper on autonomous vehicle technology , we learn that the Cupertino giant has a ...
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Go To (The Big) Apple, Bring Back Steve Jobs' BMW Z8
car news 29 October 2017
Which automaker makes the Apple of cars ? We'll let Steve Jobs be the judge of that. And judge he did when he picked up this BMW Z8 back...
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