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Hans-Peter Porsche Would Rather Play With Toy Trains Than Sports Cars
car news 27 December 2017
Ferdinand Porsche fathered both Volkswagen and the sports-car company that bears his name – but he also had two children, and through them, ...
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And That's Why We Never Park Too Close To Train Tracks
car news 13 November 2017
Since not all train tracks are properly separated from roads or residential areas, people need to pay attention once they hear that horn in...
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World's Worst Bus Driver Risks Passengers' Lives For No Reason
car news 02 October 2017
We've seen plenty of people mess up and get stuck between barriers with trains barrelling down on them, and yet the driver of this bus ...
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Surf's Up As Train Plows Through Flooded Station In India
car news 23 September 2017
What is it with railway conductors feeling the need to go really fast through a station, whether it's flooding they're facing, or th...
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Train Smashes Into Car At North Carolina Rail Crossing
car news 21 September 2017
A woman managed to exit her car in time after getting stuck between two closed barriers in High Point, North Carolina. The woman, who was l...
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Can A Land Rover Discovery Tow A 120-Ton Road Train? Yes, Yes It Can.
car news 20 September 2017
Automakers have been known to undertake all kinds of towing stunts to show what their trucks can do, from jumbo jets and space shuttles to...
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Dirt Bike Rider Inches Away From Getting Hit By Speeding Train
car news 17 February 2017
Remember that scene from Back to the Future where Marty barely managed to jump out of the way of a train at the end of the third movie? Yea...
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