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Peugeot 508

Peugeot Reportedly Planning 300 PS 508 Plug-In Hybrid For 2019
car news 21 July 2018
Peugeot is moving on with the times by looking to expand the current 508 lineup with a plug-in hybrid version. The car, which should arri...
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New Peugeot 508 Could Show Up In Paris With 308 GTi Engine
car news 28 March 2018
Peugeot is reportedly planning a beefier version of the second generation 508, which would top the current range-topping GT and its 225PS...
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Future Cars: Peugeot Brings Back Sexiness With New 508 Sedan
car news 18 November 2017
French carmaker Peugeot has certainly given us some drastic variance in cars over the years; cue fantastic sporting GTi and World Rally cars...
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Scoop: Take A Peek Inside Peugeot's 2018 508 Sedan
car news 10 July 2017
Seen in prototype form for the first time last month, Peugeot's next-gen 508 is expected to feature a myriad of new driver assistance s...
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This Isn't A BMW, It's Peugeot's New 508 Sedan
car news 07 June 2017
Don't let that trick double kidney-style grille and aggressive styling fool you; what you see here isn't a new BMW sports sedan but ...
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Peugeot Chief Rules Out New Performance Cars For Now
car news 07 June 2017
If you've been eagerly waiting for the 308 R Hybrid , or a replacement for the RCZ , then we have some bad news for you as Peugeot has p...
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