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Cupra Ateca Goes Like Stink – And Four Other Things You Need To Know
car news 14 October 2018
Seat has launched Cupra as its performance sub-brand, and the first product it released is a version of the Ateca SUV. Labelled the Cu...
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Electric Cupra e-Racer Makes Its Debut On Track With 670HP
car news 08 July 2018
#Cupra, Seat’s performance sub-brand, has completed the first shakedown of the e-Racer on track and released the first figures of its up...
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Can Seat's Arona Small SUV Lure You Away From The Competition?
car news 09 January 2018
In 2016, Seat launched their first SUV, the compact Ateca , and one year later, it was followed by the smaller Arona. It represents the Span...
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Here's What Seat's Leon Cupra R Can Do In The Hands Of A Racing Driver
car news 15 December 2017
No chit-chat, no reference whatsoever about details such as the rear bench or storage spaces - just 4min and 11sec of Seat Leon Cupra R pur...
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Can Seat's Facelifted Leon Cupra Keep Up With The Best?
car news 05 November 2017
That's a tough one to answer considering that it falls in the same pit as the Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus RS , but it might very w...
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New Seat Arona Review Is Filled With Positive Notes
car news 28 October 2017
Under the guidance of the Volkswagen Group, Seat has come up with two SUVs, the Ateca and Arona, while a third one is currently under devel...
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Watch VW Group's Frankfurt Motor Show Preview Night Here At 1PM EST
car news 11 September 2017
VW Group is holding a pre-Frankfurt event where we’ll get the chance to see the company’s newest models live for the first time. For the 201...
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500HP Seat Leon Cupra 1M Is 'Auto Emocion' At Its Finest
car news 09 August 2017
This first-gen Seat Leon Cupra is a boy-racer's dream, not only because it still looks good, but also because of its performance creden...
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VW Golf R VI Meets Older Seat Leon Cupra R On The Track
car news 05 August 2017
By the time you'll watch this video, it won't exactly be 'Throwback Thursday' anymore, but still, Fifth Gear have pulled ou...
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350HP Seat Arosa Gives Supercars A Run For Their Money On The Nurburgring
car news 28 July 2017
Remember the Seat Arosa? No? That's okay, because we'll remind you that this was the Spanish brand's version of the Volkswagen L...
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2017 Seat Leon Cupra With 300 Horses Is Loads Of Fun
car news 27 July 2017
Hot hatch fans, gather around, have a seat, and get your popcorn ready, because you're about to watch the 2017 Seat Leon Cupra being pu...
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Peugeot 3008 vs Toyota C-HR vs Seat Ateca: Which Is The Best Compact SUV?
car news 16 July 2017
We all know that compact SUVs are Europe’s favorite cars for the past couple of years and the trend shows no intention of leaving us anytime...
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