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1,400HP 9ff Porsche 997 Is A Scary Straight Line Beast
car news 23 September 2017
In spite of the drag strip being a little wet, this modded Porsche 997 put up some amazing times against hard-charging opposition. We know ...
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1,200HP Make This 9ff Porsche 997 GTurbo R Truly Special
car news 19 July 2017
If there was ever a Porsche 911 you didn't want to mess with in a straight line, it would have to be this 9ff-tuned model. During a rec...
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BMW M5 Has Close Call In Drag Race Against 9ff Porsche 997 Turbo
car news 19 June 2017
With 760 HP at its disposal, this Gorilla Performance BMW M5 F10 sure is a formidable weapon in a straight line. However, during one of its ...
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