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Alpina B7

The New Alpina B7 Is A Buttery Smooth Missile That Oozes Perfection
car news 21 September 2017
The fastest iteration of the BMW 7-Series that can be bought from an official dealer isn’t really a BMW but an Alpina. An Alpina B7 to be e...
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Java Green Alpina B7 Isn't For The Faint-Hearted
car news 02 September 2017
Few performance cars are as understated as the Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo . Well, except for this one. Recently delivered by BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, t...
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Alpina’s 205mph B7 Bi-Turbo Wants The Title Of The Fastest 4-Door In The World
car news 02 August 2017
Alpina has revised the top speed of the new BMW 7-Series-based B7 Bi-Turbo, just in time for the model’s UK launch. The final specification ...
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