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Renault Zoe

Evolved 2018 Renault Zoe R110 Adds More Power And New Equipment
car news 19 February 2018
Renault has modestly updated the Zoe for the 2018MY, which now uses a more powerful electric motor. Developed in-house and called R110, t...
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More Powerful Renault Zoe Reportedly On Track For Geneva Debut
car news 10 February 2018
Renault wants to take advantage of the increased demand in EVs across Europe, so they’re reportedly prepping a more potent version of the...
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Renault Zoe Star Wars Edition Is French For The Millennium Falcon
car news 14 December 2017
If the idea of an entirely electric vehicle still seems like science fiction to you, wait 'till you get a look at this. It's the new...
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Autonomous Renault Prototype Performs As Well As Human Drivers On An Obstacle Course
car news 07 November 2017
Group Renault has developed an autonomous driving prototype that has an "obstacle avoidance capability as good as professional test dri...
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Steve Sutcliffe Samples Electrifying 455HP Renault Zoe E-Sport On The Track
car news 16 September 2017
Renault unveiled the Zoe E-sport concept earlier this year in Geneva, and we've been wanting them to put this little monster in product...
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Renault’s Mad Zoe E-Sport Is A 460hp Pocket Rocket That Begs For Production
Hardcore petrolheads tend to hate electric vehicles, but most of them would change their minds if car makers started making cars like this: ...
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Testing Carroll Shelby's $100 Dollar Bill Game With A DB11
car news 16 July 2017
Back in the glory days of the American muscle car, Carroll Shelby said the 427 Cobra was so quick that if he put a $100 note on the dashboa...
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Punchy Renault Zoe RS May Arrive Before 2020
We first heard about the possibility of a hot Renault Zoe RS in April and now, the French company has provided additional information about...
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Lyft Readying Autonomous Rides For Boston-Based Users
car news 07 June 2017
Ride-hailing firm Lyft is getting ready to pick up Boston area customers in self-driving cars following an alliance with autonomous tech st...
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