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BMW 6-Series

Kia Now Compares Stinger GT To Porsche Panamera And BMW 6-Series
car news 17 January 2018
The Kia Stinger is a more affordable alternative to cars such as the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback , undercutting the latter...
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Study Reveals Ideal Car For British Motorists And It's A Mess
car news 21 December 2017
If you could take any design cues you wanted from all your favorite cars and mash them together into something entirely new , what would tha...
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2018 BMW 6-Series GT M Sport Debut Edition Is A Japan-Only Limited Model
car news 25 October 2017
BMW is celebrating the arrival of the new 6-Series GT by launching a limited edition in Japan. It's called 6-Series GT M Sport Debut E...
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BMW Secures Trademarks For M1 CSL Through To M8 CSL
car news 06 October 2017
BMW has filed a selection of CSL patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization in Germany. A member of the Bimmer Post forums u...
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Here’s Your Chance To Own One Of The 75 Alpina B9 3.5 Coupes Ever Made
car news 18 September 2017
If you are out on the market for an E24 6-Series then this might brighten your day. This is a 1984 Alpina B9 3.5 Coupe, the Buchloe-based B...
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BMW Unveils The One-Off ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe BMW CCA Edition
car news 08 September 2017
BMW North America has joined forces with ALPINA to create a one-off model to celebrate the BMW Car Club of America . Called the BMW ALPINA B...
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