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Underground Racing

Underground Racing Puts 2,500+HP Lamborghini Huracan Up For Sale
car news 13 January 2018
Underground Racing have listed a very special Lamborghini Huracan , with an insane amount of power, for sale. Made in 2015, this Italian exo...
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Lamborghini Gallardo Ventures Into Hypercar Territory With 1,000WHP
car news 31 December 2018
Instead of opting for the usual wraps, body kits and wheels, the Texan owner of this Gallardo has turned to Underground Racing to make his ...
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Underground Racing Gives Lambo Aventador SV Roadster Twin Turbos, 1,500 WHP
car news 23 December 2017
The Lamborghini Aventador SV is, even in Roadster form, quite a beast, but clearly that wasn't enough for one owner who turned to Under...
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World's First Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Performante
car news 01 November 2017
Known for their insane work that often lead to extremely powerful supercars, Underground Racing have stepped up their game by releasing an e...
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Indeed, A 2,500HP Twin-Turbo Audi R8 Is Truly Ridiculous
car news 02 September 2017
When the Audi R8 V10 Plus rolls out of the factory, it does so as one of the quickest accelerating cars available to the public. In fact, i...
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