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Audi RS4

Audi’s New RS4 Avant Sounds Good Even When It Sits Still
car news 28 January 2018
The sound a performance car emits from its engine and exhaust may not make it any faster, but it forms an integral part of the driving e...
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New Audi RS4 Avant Is All The Performance Car You'll Ever Need
car news 06 January 2018
Audi's RS5 has not been very well received by the press, which found it able, yet too anodyne for something wearing an RS badge, so what...
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Is Audi Killing Off The R8 In 2020?
car news 22 December 2017
After giving it a deep thought financially, Audi reportedly have concluded that pulling the plug on the R8 is the best thing to do. The new...
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2018 Audi RS4 Avant Detailed In New Gallery [66 Pics]
car news 17 December 2017
As the new RS4 Avant hits the European market, Audi has released a detailed gallery of its new super-wagon. Like the RS5 Coupe , the 2018 RS...
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