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South America

Toyota’s Developing This Flex-Fuel Hybrid Prius In Brazil
car news 20 March 2018
Sift through all the various “environmentally friendly,” renewable alternative propulsion methods proliferating throughout the automot...
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Fiat Reveals The Interior Of South America's All-New Cronos Sedan
car news 02 January 2018
Four weeks after it took the covers of the Cronos sedan in South America, Fiat has released its first images of the interior of the Linea ...
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Fiat Reveals All-New Cronos Sedan In South America
car news 28 November 2017
Fiat is an Italian brand first and foremost, but it's a major player (and manufacturer) in the Latin American market, where it's jus...
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Renault Plasters Its Name, Badges And Vents On New Duster SUV
car news 17 November 2017
Renault has taken the Duster into its second generation a couple of months after the budget SUV debuted as a Dacia in Frankfurt. Trying to...
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2018 VW Virtus Is A Polo Sedan For South America
car news 17 November 2017
After a number of leaks and a revealing teaser , the 2018 VW Virtus has just premiered in Brazil. Essentially a sedan version of the Polo t...
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Fiat Linea Sedan Has A Successor In South America, And It's Called The Cronos
car news 15 November 2017
Fiat has released a teaser video with the new Cronos, a compact sedan that serves as a replacement for the Linea . To be offered exclusively...
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