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IMSA Gives 2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 720PS To Play With
car news 19 January 2018
Looking for a discreet makeover and more power coming from an already potent 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine? Just take your facelifted Merce...
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Cadillac's Racing Prototypes Have Changed A Bit In 67 Years
car news 13 December 2017
Cadillac has been around for a long time. 115 years, to be precise. In that time, it has raced extensively, and as you might expect, its rac...
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RXR One Super GT Is An IMSA-Tuned Mercedes-AMG GT S With 860hp
car news 20 October 2017
This Mercedes-AMG GT S has moved deeper into the supercar territory , thanks to IMSA and their latest bundle of upgrades. The tuner started ...
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Cadillac Positively Dominated IMSA Prototype Racing In 2017
car news 10 October 2017
Certain manufacturers we've come to expect to dominate endurance prototype racing: Audi, Porsche, even Toyota or Peugeot. But Cadillac ?...
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