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Shelby Salutes Bob Bondurant With Special Continuation Cobra
car news 11 January 2018
Want a new  Shelby Cobra ? Well Shelby American doesn't make them anymore – but Superformance does , with the original factory's bl...
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China Has Made Another Ford F-150 Clone, This Time Of The Raptor
car news 17 November 2017
The Chinese are back at it , creating a pickup truck that takes obvious design inspiration from the Ford F-150 Raptor . Reports from China s...
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Is A Six-Year Old Ford Focus RS Really Worth $57,000?
car news 15 November 2017
A 2011 Ford Focus RS was sold over the weekend for £43,875, or $57,503 at the current exchange rates. This makes it £11,110 ($14,560) prici...
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