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Google Assistant Heads To Android Auto To Battle Amazon's Alexa
car news 10 January 2018
A number of automakers have recently announced plans to integrate Amazon's Alexa into future models but Google is fighting back by ad...
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CES 2018: Kia Adds Google Assistant To Its Infotainment Systems
car news 09 January 2018
Kia Motors has made their UVO infotainment systems compatible with the Google Assistant, enabling customers to execute a variety of remote c...
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Waymo Announces Insurance Coverage For Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service
car news 21 December 2017
Waymo is looking to solve one of the final major roadblocks for fully-autonomous ride-hailing , announcing insurance coverage for riders wit...
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Bing Attempts Jedi Mind Trick, Makes Google Street View Vehicle Disappear
car news 19 December 2017
Google and Microsoft have a less than cozy relationship and that appears to carry over to the digital world as the latter company has been c...
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Ford Was The Most Googled Automotive Brand In The U.S. This Year
car news 13 December 2017
2017 is coming to a close and Google is marking the occasion by revealing its annual Year in Search report. According to the web giant, For...
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Waymo Self-Driving Engineer Says Humans Aren't Meant To Drive
car news 08 December 2017
A self-driving car engineer from Waymo says humans aren’t designed to drive cars in a strange tweet that has left many pundits scratching t...
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What Our Cars Tell Google Street View's AI About Our Political Views
car news 07 December 2017
Google Street View is an amazing service but as it turns out, the images it captures can be used for much more than simply displaying the w...
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Uber-Waymo Trial Delayed As Judge Discovers Uber Withheld Evidence
car news 03 December 2017
A U.S. judge has delayed the impending trial between Uber and Waymo after discovering that the ride-hailing company withheld evidence in a...
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Google Starts Using Maps To Show Pollution Levels Across LA
car news 10 November 2017
In recent years, Google Maps has changed the way we look at the world, allowing anyone with internet access to explore every square inch of...
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VW To Use Quantum Computing With Google
car news 09 November 2017
Volkswagen will partner with Google to develop new vehicle technologies on advanced quantum computers. Bloomberg reports that the German c...
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Waymo Now Testing Fully Autonomous Vehicles Without Safety Drivers
car news 08 November 2017
Autonomous driving technology has come a long way in the past few years and Waymo has announced its self-driving vehicles are now being te...
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