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Volvo XC90

2018 Volvo XC90 Comes With Standard 3-Row Layout In USA
car news 14 December 2017
Volvo has made a minor adjustment to the XC90 for the 2018MY, though it's one that could mean a lot to consumers, as all versions of th...
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Volvo’s Solution To Turbo Lag Is Quite Simple, Yet Really Clever
car news 12 December 2017
Volvo claims they’ve found the cure to turbo lag with a new system called PowerPulse and apart from being brilliantly clever, it’s also a re...
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Uber Getting Thousands Of Autonomous Robo-Taxis From Volvo
car news 20 November 2017
Volvo will be supplying ride-sharing giant Uber with up to 24,000 autonomous drive compatible vehicles between 2019 and 2021. These cars wi...
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Consumer Reports’ Least Reliable Cars For 2017 Are…
The Annual Reliability Survey of Consumer Reports for the year 2017 is out and as with every year , we get a list of winners and losers. For...
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Volvo's Going To Build The Next XC90 In America
car news 27 September 2017
There may have been a time when Volvos were made exclusively in Sweden, but those days are long behind us. By now it manufactures some mode...
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Volvo XC90 vs Audi Q7 vs LR Discovery: Which One Ticks The Most Boxes?
car news 13 August 2017
The battle for the best seven-seat premium SUV is harder than ever when you got cars like the latest Audi Q7, the Volvo XC90 and the Land Ro...
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Volvo Offers $23,500 Off Leftover 2017 XC90 T8 Excellence Models
car news 10 August 2017
You don’t hear every day about such a big discount on a new model, with Volvo offering $23,500 off the remaining stock of its range-topping ...
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