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G-Power’s BMW M6 Coupe Has 800 PS And M4 GTS-Like Looks
car news 28 October 2018
G-Power thinks the ideal M6 Coupe needs a heck of a lot more power and a more aggressive look and, for the most part, we couldn’t agree m...
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These Are The 10 Most And Least Expensive Cars To Repair After A Collision
car news 05 January 2018
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has confirmed the obvious, luxury and performance cars cost a fortune to repair following a coll...
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Widebody BMW M6 Gets Its Bark On Thanks To Armytrix Exhaust
car news 02 December 2017
When stock, the BMW M6 is not one of the loudest cars in the world. It makes nice sounds, don't get us wrong, but you won't exactly...
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BMW M6 GT3 Evo Racing Package Will Cost You At Least $29,000
car news 11 November 2017
Now that the M6 GT3 Evo package is ready for production, BMW Motorsport customer teams can finally start putting in their orders. The packa...
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BMW M6 Gets Punished For Owner's Improper Parking
car news 29 October 2017
It's safe to say that at least one BMW driver had a bad day earlier this week after finding his M6 wearing a wheel clamp in a parking l...
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Sakhir Orange BMW M6 Looks Monstrous With Black Wheels
car news 10 October 2017
Thanks to the Sakhir Orange paint, aftermarket wheels and subtle visual modifications of this BMW M 6, we’re suddenly sad that the performan...
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Crazy BMW M6 Build Swaps V10 For Six-Rotor Engine
car news 07 October 2017
When it comes to heavily customized creatures of the road, this E63 BMW M6 is as special as they get thanks to its powerful six-rotor unit ...
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BMW M Civil War: M2 vs M4 vs M5 vs M6 In A Straight Line
car news 03 September 2017
This is a race with some clear and obvious winners but that wasn’t the point; the point was to demonstrate how BMW has laid out its M cars, ...
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BMW M6 GT3 Evo Package In The Works For 2018, Aims To Improve Drivability
car news 27 July 2017
BMW is hard at work developing the all-new M8 GTE but that doesn't mean the company has forgotten about the M6 GT3 . Since the latter m...
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