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Dodge Viper

Modded Hellcat And Twin Turbo Viper Show Us The True Meaning Of "Photo Finish"
car news 10 January 2018
As if a straight line battle between a stock Challenger Hellcat and a Viper wouldn't be delightful to watch in its own right, these two...
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The Original Dodge Viper RT/10 Will Always Be A Very Scary Car
car news 09 January 2018
The first-gen Dodge Viper RT/10 was the stuff of dreams. Or perhaps nightmares. One that could punish you in every given opportunity, but st...
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Viper-Powered Jeep Wrangler V10 Is What You Dreamed Of As A Kid
car news 04 January 2018
The Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Viper are two iconic automotive institutions so when the two come together, the results are expectedly incredib...
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Incredibly Rare Bristol Fighter With Dodge V10 Shows Up For Sale
car news 29 December 2017
If you’re familiar with your British car makers , then you’ll know that coming across a Bristol Fighter on the used market is a big, if not ...
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Viper-Powered Dodge Charger Leaves Jay Leno Impressed
car news 11 December 2017
One of the most popular show cars in this year’s SEMA was arguably this heavily modified 1968 Dodge Charger. It took Johan Eriksson and his ...
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Dodge Viper Crashes Following A Cars and Coffee Event In Texas
car news 06 December 2017
Cars and Coffee might as well be renamed Crashes and Coffee at this point as yet another accident has occurred following an event. The lates...
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McLaren 720S Vs 800 HP Dodge Viper ACR: Who's The Boss?
car news 22 November 2017
One would think that a Dodge Viper ACR would be enough to tackle the new McLaren 720S - especially a tuned example like this one. This part...
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Viper-Powered BMW M3 Is An Absolute Beast
car news 27 September 2017
Thanks largely to its screaming, naturally-aspirated 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine, the E46-generation BMW M3 is considered to be on...
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FCA's Ralph Gilles Hits The Track In His Dodge Viper ACR
car news 08 September 2017
Ralph Gilles isn’t just the head of design at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles but he is also a huge revhead and the proud owner of a Dodge Viper A...
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2017 Dodge Viper ACR Sets A Best 7:01.3 'Ring Time
car news 05 September 2017
After weeks of ups and downs, the crowdfunded campaign to make the 2017 Dodge Viper ACR the fastest production car around the Nurburgring h...
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Dodge Viper ACR Records Faster Lap But Fails To Crack 7-Minute 'Ring Time
car news 29 August 2017
In the latest attempt for the crowdfunded Dodge Viper ACR to set a Nurburgring production car lap record, the supercar has fallen just shor...
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Manual Gen-5 Viper Sets 1/4 Mile World Record With 9.28s Run
car news 18 August 2017
In case you were wondering which was the world's fastest manual gen-5 SRT Viper , look no further than this twin-turbo beast. Previously...
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The Last Dodge Viper Rolls Off The Assembly Line In Detroit
car news 17 August 2017
The last Dodge Viper has rolled off the line at the company's Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. The bittersweet moment occurred...
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Twin-Turbo Dodge Viper Is An Animal In The Half Mile
car news 15 August 2017
Like the Ford GT , the Dodge Viper has been a favorite of drag racers and tuning companies for a number of years and when modified correctly...
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Watch The Dodge Viper ACR Set A 7:03 Nurburgring Lap
car news 01 August 2017
Last week, a Dodge Viper ACR set a blistering 7:03.45 second lap time around the Nurburgring while chasing an outright production car recor...
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Viper ACR Comes Within Spitting Distance Of 7 Minutes At The Nurburgring
car news 27 July 2017
Seven minutes. That's the target these days for Nürburgring laps. Only a few street-legal cars have cracked the mark, and the Dodge Vipe...
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