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Electric Vehicles

Pininfarina Battista Electric Hypercar Gets A Design Update, New Color
Pininfarina is coming to the Turin Auto Show in Italy with the Battista, a stunning electric hypercar that’s capable of neck-snapping per...
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Battery-Powered MG ZS EV Arrives In The UK, Reservations Now Open
MG has hosted the UK debut of the ZS EV at the 2019 London Motor Show, which takes place from May 16 to 19 in England’s capital.
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Sprinter Usain Bolt Unveils $10k “Nano” Twizzy-Like EV
Former Olympic sprinter and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, is venturing into the world of electric vehicles with the Bolt Nano tha...
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Audi Rumored To Be Working On High-Performance E-Tron GTR, Could Replace The R8
car news 23 April 2019
Audi’s decision to embrace electric vehicles could eventually result in the demise of the iconic R8.
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Audi Q2L E-Tron, AI:ME Concept Will Be Unveiled Next Week
car news 13 April 2019
Audi has a number of major premieres for the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, which will open its gates next Tuesday, April 16, at the National E...
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Skoda Will Launch More Than 30 New Models By 2023
Skoda is set to become an even bigger player in the automotive industry, as they will introduce over 30 new models before the end of 2022.
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Tesla Model Y Is Safe, Fast, And Has Up To 300 Miles Of Range
The Tesla Model Y has just premiered at a special launch event in Los Angeles. The SUV will join the Model 3, Model S, and Model X in Tes...
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Nissan Leaf Becomes Norway’s Best-Selling Car Overall, Keeps EV Crown In Europe
Norway’s appetite for all-electric vehicles grows stronger each year, to the point where Nissan was able to top the overall sales charts ...
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GM Might Chase Ford With An Electric Chevrolet Silverado And GMC Sierra
General Motors appears to be changing course following the surprise announcement that Ford is developing an electric F-150.
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BMW Working On Hybrid Supercar To Go After Lambo And Ferrari?
car news 02 January 2019
BMW appears to be interested in launching a proper supercar, which will take on rivals such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren 570S and mo...
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Faraday Future Will Limp Into 2019 Thanks To New Agreement With Investor
Faraday Future has been in the news for the all the wrong reasons lately, but it appears the company is no longer facing imminent death.
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Mazda’s 2020 Electric Model Is Being Developed In-House
car news 24 December 2018
We have already heard that Mazda is planning to introduce its first battery electric vehicle in 2020, with the standalone model to featur...
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BMW’s Game-changing Platform Supports ICEs, Hybrids And EVs
car news 11 December 2018
The main attraction at BMW’s LA Auto Show was the Vision iNext concept – and rightly so, as it was revealed for the first time in the U.S...
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Honda’s Fluoride-Ion Battery Breakthrough Could Allow For Batteries With 10x More Energy Density
car news 08 December 2018
The limitations of lithium-ion batteries are well known at this point, so a number of automakers are exploring alternatives such as lith...
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BMW Vision iNext Concept Shows Up In LA For Its World Premiere
car news 28 November 2018
Visitors of the LA Auto Show will have the chance to see for the first time BMW’s futuristic Vision iNext, the company’s latest concept...
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Rivian Unveils R1T Fully-Electric Pickup: 0-60 In 3 Sec, 11,000 Lbs Tow Rating
car news 26 November 2018
The dawn of the electric pickup truck is upon us, as Rivian has just unveiled their take on the segment in the R1T, which has been dubbed...
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VW’s $23k EV Will Be A Compact Crossover For The People
car news 18 November 2018
VW has reportedly green-lit an affordable electric crossover model that will go on sale in 2022 for around 20,000 euros ($23k in current ...
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China Could Experience Decline In Car Sales For The First Time In 30 Years
car news 11 November 2018
For nearly three decades, the Chinese new car market was growing, to the point that, in 2009, it surpassed the U.S. and became the larges...
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Austrian Government To Let EVs Use Bus Lanes, Drive Faster Than ICEs
car news 03 November 2018
Owners of electric vehicles in Austria will soon be allowed to drive faster than their counterparts in ICE-powered vehicles. According to...
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Jeep Concept Freedom Render Is Unreal In The Most Awesome Way
car news 03 November 2018
Ever notice how most designers envision future Jeeps as staying true to a more or less rugged design philosophy? Proof, if any was needed...
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