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HSV Builds Its Final Commodore-based Model
car news 03 January 2018
HSV has built its final Commodore-based model as the 275th Australian market GTSR W1 rolled off the assembly line earlier today. The final ...
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Rare HSV GTSR W1 Fetches $206k At Aussie Auction
car news 19 December 2017
One of the final HSV GTSR W1’s to roll off the production line has sold for $250,000 (191,475 USD) in Queensland, Australia, a figure that’...
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Holden's Sold Its Elizabeth Plant, But It's Building A Museum On Site
car news 17 December 2017
After nearly 60 years, Holden stopped producing cars at its plant in Elizabeth, Australia , at the end of this past October. So what's ...
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Potent Colorado SportsCat Marks A New Beginning For Holden Special Vehicles
car news 13 December 2017
Late last week, General Motors and Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) revealed that the Camaro and Silverado will be sold in Australia from 2018...
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