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Toyota MR2

Toyota-Based Ferrari 288 GTO Replica Can Be Yours For £29,950
car news 15 October 2017
At the heart of this Ferrari 288 GTO replica lies a 1993 Toyota MR2 with a 3.0-liter V6 engine, a far cry from the original's 2.8-liter...
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Matt Farah Experiences A Supercharged V6 Toyota MR2
car news 07 October 2017
Toyota is supposedly planning to revive the mid-engine MR2 but until that happens, a 1993 MR2 owner in the U.S. has decided to build his pe...
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Someone Survived This Horrific Toyota MR2 Crash
car news 18 September 2017
Last week, a woman in South Africa managed to survive an horrific crash in her Audi TT and over the weekend, a driver in the UK was able to...
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Toyota Could Announce Sports Car Series Next Month
car news 28 August 2017
Toyota is preparing to announce a fleet of new sports cars set to act as Toyota’s equivalent of the Lexus F series. Automotive News reports...
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Toyota MR2 Shows Us What Snap Oversteer Looks Like
car news 26 February 2017
Cars with both their engines and driven wheels in the back are famously prone to snap oversteer . Especially, as you can see from this video...
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