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Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 With Stick Shift Is What Purists Dream Of
car news 12 December 2017
Nowadays, Ferrari doesn’t offer cars fitted with manual gearboxes, as in the past few years the vast majority of its customers opted for the...
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John Cena Showcases His Manual Ferrari F430 Spider
car news 11 August 2017
Many celebrities purchase supercars and other exotics purely to flaunt their wealth but as we’ve learnt, professional wrestler John Cena is...
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Ferrari 430 Scuderia Crashes, Gets Destroyed By Fire An Hour After Delivery
car news 01 August 2017
A black Ferrari 430 Scuderia has been burnt to a crisp after crashing and catching fire near Sheffield in the UK. The incident occurred lat...
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Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider Is A Collector's Dream
car news 19 July 2017
Nine years after the release of the Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider , the hardcore droptop remains one of the most desirable V8 Ferraris produce...
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Ferrari 430 Scuderia Review: Is It Really  Worth Double The Price Of An F430?
car news 15 July 2017
Whenever Ferrari creates a hardcore, mid-engine V8 supercar, you can rest assured that it will be class-leading and become a prized collect...
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Ferrari F430 Gets New Wheels From Strasse
car news 17 June 2017
Ferrari may have dropped the F430 from their lineup some 8 years ago, when it was replaced with the 458 , but it still does the job for ent...
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President Donald Trump's Ferrari F430 Could Be Yours
car news 20 February 2017
Now that Donald Trump is President of the US of A, anyone possessing things he previously owned can and will use his name to increase their...
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