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Jeep Believes Upcoming Models Will Improve Its Sales In Europe
car news 25 March 2018
#Jeep has described its sales in Europe as “lousy” and hopes to see improvements this year with the launch of four new models. In 2017, J...
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2018 Jeep Compass Priced From �22,995 In The UK
car news 21 November 2017
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced pricing for the 2018 Jeep Compass in the UK, confirming that the SUV will start at �22,995 ($30,466...
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Jeep Compass Spawns Next-Generation Fiat Freemont
car news 17 October 2017
If you were to interview 100 people and ask if they think the Fiat Freemont looks good, chances are 99 would say it is as ugly as sin. Neve...
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What’s The Best 2017 Compact SUV?
car news 24 September 2017
With small families rapidly ditching the good old sedan for roomy yet compact SUVs , trying to figure out which one to buy can be a tough jo...
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New 2017 Jeep Compass Is Fun To Drive But It’s Not Flawless
car news 02 September 2017
The new generation of the Jeep Compass slots right between the Cherokee and the Renegade models, filling a major gap in Jeep’s range, but ca...
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These Are The 20 Most And Least Expensive Cars To Insure
car news 02 July 2017
Car insurance is rarely a fun topic, as most people only think about the issue when it's time to pay the bill or when something bad happ...
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All-New Jeep Compass Gets A Mopar Touch With Exclusive Accessories
car news 07 June 2017
The European launch of the 2017 Jeep Compass has coincided with the introduction of more than 70 unique accessories that have Mopar's n...
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New Jeep Compass Officially Launched In Europe [38 Photos]
car news 06 June 2017
Jeep has finally launched the new Compass in Europe, releasing at the same time all the details of the Euro-spec models. The new Compass is ...
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