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Edmunds Buys Its Own Tesla Model 3, Delivers First Impressions
After placing a reservation in early 2016, Edmunds received its own Tesla Model 3 to put through its long-term testing process. As with all...
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Tesla Model 3 Does 0 To 60 In Just 4.6 Seconds, 1/4-Mile Took 13.3
In case anyone was worried about whether or not the Tesla Model 3 can keep up with various petrol-powered sports saloons, the answer is a r...
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Tesla Model X Exceeds Towing Limit, Pulls Volvo Semi In The Snow
Despite some very slippery conditions, this Tesla Model X managed to pull a struggling Volvo semi truck up a hill in Raleigh, North Carolin...
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Acura NSX Dares To Challenge Tesla Model S P100D In 1/4 Mile Drag Race
car news 01 January 2018
Since there aren't many supercars that can keep up with a Tesla Model S P100D over short distances, perhaps it's time for everyone t...
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Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3 Shows Its Darker Side With Chrome Delete
car news 27 December 2017
If you fancy the Tesla Model 3 and you'd like to explore its "darker side", adding matte black accents, black wheels and tint...
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Tesla Celebrates The Holidays With Santa Mode Easter Egg
car news 26 December 2017
To help celebrate the holiday season, Tesla has introduced a special ‘Santa Mode’ easter egg for the Model S and Model X. Santa Mode can be...
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Drone Footage Reveals That Tesla Has Ramped Up Model 3 Production
car news 23 December 2017
Tesla is well behind schedule with its Model 3 , but drone footage of the carmaker’s Fremont factory shows that it has increased its entry-l...
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Tesla Model X And Hummer H2 Engage In A Tug Of War
car news 22 December 2017
The Tesla Model X has already proved its credentials by offering a very good electric range, and being surprisingly faster than some superca...
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Can A Stock Camaro ZL1 Beat Tesla's Model S P100D In A Straight Line?
car news 16 December 2017
Ever since Tesla came out with the ultra-fast Model S P100D , we've seen it tackle several muscle cars and come out on top, especially o...
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Tesla Model X vs Toyota Land Cruiser Tug Of War: Who Wins?
car news 14 December 2017
Now that it's not about 0-60 or 1/4 mile times, let's see if the Tesla Model X is so smart when it comes to showing some old fashio...
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Consumer Reports Advises Against Relying On Tesla Model S' Autopilot
car news 12 December 2017
Consumer Reports are revisiting the Tesla Model S, a car that's not exactly new to begin with, as it was launched in 2012, receiving a f...
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Tesla Model X Goes Sand Surfing In The Desert
car news 11 December 2017
The Middle East has a very different car culture, one that often includes high-speed drifting on public roads and the ever-popular dune bas...
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Chris Harris Can’t Get Excited About The Tesla Model S P100D
car news 09 December 2017
Our favorite Top Gear presenter finally gets a go in Tesla’s Model S P100D, giving us some of his thoughts on arguably one of the most hype...
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Can Mercedes-AMG E63S Outrace A Tesla Model S P100D?
car news 09 December 2017
With the Mercedes-AMG E63S repeatedly impressing everyone with its sheer acceleration force , it was always a matter of time before someone ...
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Tesla Model S P100D Seeks Spotlight By Taking On Stock Ferrari FF
car news 05 December 2017
It's been a while since we last saw the Model S P100D challenge a V12-powered supercar, and as far as the latter goes, the Ferrari FF i...
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Tesla's Semi-Truck Looks Mighty Fast While Accelerating
car news 24 November 2017
While it may be nowhere near as quick as the Roadster or any of the other road cars, Tesla's Semi can still run circles around any dies...
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Watch A Tesla Model 3 Expertly Parallel Self-Park
car news 24 November 2017
The Tesla Model 3 won�t reach a considerable number of buyers for quite some time, but one fortunate owner has taken to YouTube to demonstr...
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Will The New Tesla Roadster Actually Hit 60 MPH In 1.9 Seconds?
car news 23 November 2017
If Tesla�s bold acceleration claims for the second-generation Roadster come to fruition, the electric sports car will be the quickest acce...
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Tesla Model X Stolen In Poland Right After Being Smuggled In From Sweden
car news 20 November 2017
Unlike the U.S., purchasing a Tesla Model X in Poland isn�t that easy, making the electric SUV somewhat of a unicorn in the country. Seemin...
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This Is How Fast The New Tesla Roadster Really Is
car news 17 November 2017
It's one thing to read about a new car's specs, and a completely different story to experience it firsthand. However, in the case of...
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