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Military Vehicles

Wells Fargo Illegally Repossessed An Additional 450 Vehicles From Service Members
car news 18 November 2017
It has emerged that U.S. bank Wells Fargo illegally repossessed over an additional 450 vehicles from service members . In September 2016 , i...
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AM General Suing Call Of Duty Developers Over HMMWV Usage
car news 08 November 2017
Most people might not know what a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is but if you asked them about a HUMVEE or HMMWV, they'll ...
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The Rezvani Tank Configurator Is Up So You Can Build Your Own Urban Assault Vehicle
car news 23 October 2017
Rezvani's 2018 V8-powered Tank can now be configured and purchased online, with estimated delivery times set at 12 weeks. So if you'...
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Partisan One Aims To Simplify The Military SUV
Form follows function nowhere as clearly as in the military, where vehicles are designed to serve a purpose, not to look pretty. Just look a...
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GM Presents New Fuel Cell Platform With Autonomous Tech
car news 06 October 2017
GM is looking to solve some of the world's toughest transportation challenges with the help of their flexible autonomous fuel cell platf...
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AM General Is Selling More Hummer H1s Now Than GM Ever Did
car news 01 October 2017
Given that General Motors shut down the Hummer brand over seven years ago, you'd think that the vehicle that started it all would be lon...
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