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Aston Martin Gets Cosworth On Board Its F1 Engine Program
car news 23 January 2018
Aston Martin has made no secret of its desire to ratchet up its involvement in Formula One as an engine supplier. It isn’t likely to go i...
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One Of The Lowest Mileage Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500s Is Up For Sale
car news 22 October 2017
This iconic late 80's Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 super saloon has just 6,000 miles (9,656 km) on the clock and is one of only 56 units d...
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Ken Block Goes Old-School With Ford Escort RS Cosworth Rally Car
car news 08 October 2017
Block giveth and Block taketh away. Only this time it's the other way around. After the Gymkhana guru announced his departure from the ...
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2005 Jaguar Cosworth F1 Car Destroyed At Assen
car news 12 August 2017
A 2005 Jaguar R5 Cosworth Formula One car has been destroyed at a recent track event at Assen’s TT Circuit in the Netherlands. The accident ...
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Cosworth's Gearing Up For F1 Return In 2021
car news 20 July 2017
Drivers and teams may get the lion's share of attention in Formula One – and most of the credit – but it's arguably the engines that...
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Aston Martin And Cosworth Join Formula 1 Engine Meeting
Earlier this week, the Formula 1 Power Unit Working Group held a formal meeting at which the likes of Aston Martin as well as Cosworth were...
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Aston Martin AM-RB 001 To Use 6.5Lt Cosworth V12 & Ricardo Gearbox
car news 15 February 2017
Aston Martin has confirmed that the AM-RB 001 hypercar will use a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 developed by Cosworth. Read more »
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