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Skoda Karoq

2018 Skoda Karoq Could Be All The SUV You’ll Ever Need
car news 10 February 2018
If you value practicality, tech, comfort and an overall relaxing drive, the Skoda Karoq should tick all those boxes for you – and then s...
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Is The Skoda Karoq Even Better Than The VW Tiguan?
car news 20 January 2018
For many, Skoda is the real hero brand within the VW Group, as it offers not just good value for money but, in some cases, cars that are on ...
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Skoda Makes A Karoq Out Of Cardboard (You Know, For The Kids)
car news 14 January 2018
Ever wonder what a Skoda Karoq would look like if it were made out of cardboard instead of steel? Yeah, us neither. But Skoda went ahead an...
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Is The Skoda Karoq The Compact SUV You Were Looking For?
car news 13 January 2018
Consumers flock to crossovers and SUVs and, as a result, automakers launch one model after another in order to satisfy the demand. Skoda'...
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Skoda Karoq Looks Good In Scout Guise
car news 24 October 2017
In 2018, Skoda is widely expected to unveil a Karoq Scout, taking obvious design inspiration from the larger Kodiaq Scout . Rendered here b...
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New Skoda Karoq Makes A Good First Impression
car news 14 October 2017
By retiring the Yeti and replacing it with the new Karoq, Skoda have added the second SUV into their range, after the larger Kodiaq . It...
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Skoda Karoq vRS Could Be Electrified
car news 03 October 2017
Skoda is inching towards making a performance-focused version of the Karoq and is expected to fit it with an electrified powertrain. Speaki...
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2018 Skoda Karoq's Pricing Starts At £20,875 In The UK
car news 20 September 2017
After parading it at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show , Skoda is now getting ready to launch the new Karoq in various markets, including the Un...
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Skoda Karoq Has A Fully Customizable Digital Instrument Cluster
car news 13 September 2017
Skoda has taken inspiration from sister brands Volkswagen and Audi and is offering the all-new Karoq with a digital instrument cluster. The...
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