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MV Agusta

Holding Company Acquires Mercedes-AMG's Stake In MV Agusta
car news 20 December 2017
The 25 per cent stake formerly held by Mercedes-AMG in motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has been acquired by MV Holding, the holding comp...
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MV Agusta Brutale Pirelli Edition Is The Most Italian Bike Ever
car news 06 November 2017
When we think of Italian motorcycles, we tend to imagine Ducatis. But those aren't the only Italian motorcycles. Not by a long shot. The...
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MV Agusta Unveils Lewis Hamilton-Approved F4 LH44 Bike
car news 28 September 2017
MV Agusta have finally taken the covers off the F4 LH44, a bike based around the F4 RC model, but built in collaboration with Formula 1 driv...
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Mercedes-AMG Sells Its Stake In MV Augusta
car news 25 July 2017
The partnership between Mercedes-AMG and MV Augusta is over as the automaker has sold its 25% stake in the motorcycle manufacturer. The two...
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