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VW Beetle Meets Chrysler PT Cruiser Woody In Horrific Mishmash
car news 08 January 2018
The eBay listing of this 2003 VW Beetle suggests that the car is the rare “Woody Edition” but in reality, it is just a horrific cream-color...
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Buy A 2017 LaFerrari Engine For 'Just' $385,000
car news 05 January 2018
Thought your Dodge Viper-powered Mazda Miata was cool? Well this 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari engine could serve as the heart of the greatest eng...
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Viper-Powered Jeep Wrangler V10 Is What You Dreamed Of As A Kid
car news 04 January 2018
The Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Viper are two iconic automotive institutions so when the two come together, the results are expectedly incredib...
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'World's First' Tesla Model S Limo Selling For $67k On Ebay
car news 22 December 2017
A seller on eBay is looking to part ways with what they assert was the ‘world’s first’ Tesla Model S . Based on a Model S 85, the highest ...
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Man Shoots Genius Commercial To Sell His 1996 Honda Accord, Raises Over $100k
car news 06 November 2017
This used, 21-year old Honda Accord is a car "for people who have life figured out, and just need to get somewhere". The hilariou...
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