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MG Entering Indian Market With New Hector SUV – Except It’s Not An MG
car news 25 May 2019
While in the UK MG recently unveiled the ZS EV, the automaker will enter the Indian market next month with a new SUV called Hector.
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Battery-Powered MG ZS EV Arrives In The UK, Reservations Now Open
MG has hosted the UK debut of the ZS EV at the 2019 London Motor Show, which takes place from May 16 to 19 in England’s capital.
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MG6 Plug-in Hybrid Comes With An App-Based Remote Control Driving System
car news 17 November 2017
SAIC Motor has used the Guangzhou Auto Show to introduce the new MG6 plug-in hybrid. Set to become one of the company's first new energ...
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MG Looking To Tempt Buyers With 7-Year Warranty For ZS SUV
car news 03 November 2017
MG has announced that its brand new ZS compact SUV will receive a full 7-year warranty in the UK. The warranty is completely transferable t...
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MG Reverts Back To ZS Name For Its Compact SUV
car news 06 October 2017
MG has announced that its new compact SUV will be dubbed the ZS in the UK, not the XS like recently announced . What’s interesting about thi...
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MG XS Compact SUV Going On Sale This Fall In The UK
car news 27 September 2017
MG is getting ready to welcome a newcomer into their UK family, the XS compact SUV . Set to go on sale later this fall in Europe's large...
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MG Motors Reveals All-New 2018 MG6 In China
car news 22 September 2017
Under the patronage of SAIC, MG Motors has developed an entirely new MG6, which will go on sale in China this year, before being exported to...
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