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Audi S8

Is Audi Killing Off The R8 In 2020?
car news 22 December 2017
After giving it a deep thought financially, Audi reportedly have concluded that pulling the plug on the R8 is the best thing to do. The new...
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TopCar Teases RS 900 Kit For Former Audi S8 Flagship
car news 27 October 2017
As technologically advanced as the all-new Audi A8 is, an ultra-quick S-version has yet to come out, which makes the older S8 Plus model th...
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The New Audi S8 Will Probably Look Very Close To This Render
car news 15 July 2017
Automotive performance enthusiasts tend to see things differently from other people. Every corner – even in hallways and stairwells – has an...
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An Audi RS8 Would Grab The Mercedes-AMG S65 By The Horns
car news 13 July 2017
Will there be an RS8 version of Audi's new generation A8 that was unveiled just a few days ago? Probably not, but this hasn’t discourag...
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New Audi S8 To Feature Twin-Turbo Porsche Powertrains
car news 12 July 2017
Now that Audi has released the new A8 , the question on everyone's minds is when we'll see the new S8 performance version, and what ...
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Drag Race: R8 vs RS6 vs S8 Crowns Audi’s True Lord Of The Rings
car news 07 June 2017
Audi is currently making some truly fast cars, but which one is the true king? Top Gear magazine’s latest drag race attempts to answer thi...
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