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Citroen C3 Aircross Joins The Rip Curl Family With New Special Edition
car news 08 July 2018
#Citroen is celebrating 90,000 orders received for the new C3 Aircross with a special edition called the Rip Curl. Available from €22,600...
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Renault Captur S-Edition Adds More Powerful Engine, Special Features
car news 28 March 2018
#Renault wants to appeal to younger customers with a new limited edition variant of the Captur. Called Renault Captur S-Edition, it’s alr...
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Renault Twingo Red Night Edition Throws In Some Extra Flair
car news 14 March 2018
Need something small to get around town? The #Renault Twingo presents an intriguing proposition, what with its innovative rear-engine ...
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This Ferrari F12 Takes The Whole 'Tour De France' Thing Very Seriously
car news 17 December 2017
Ferrari has been known to name its cars after places: Fiorano ,  Maranello ,  Modena , Portofino .... Rarely does it draws its nameplate fro...
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Mercedes Is Going To Start Designing Its Cars In The South Of France
car news 17 December 2017
Mercedes-Benz operates a number of design studios not only at its headquarters in Stuttgart , but in locations around the world. And now it&...
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New Alpine A110 To Cost Between €55,000 And €60,000 In France
car news 15 December 2017
All 1,955 units of the Alpine A110 Premiere Edition have been spoken for, but as the delivery date for the regular models is fast approachi...
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