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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody: Still A Big Boy, Only Better
car news 20 January 2018
Let’s face it, adding the widebody option to your Dodge Challenger Hellcat isn’t going to turn it into a Lotus but it will make it handle -a...
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Get Schooled On How To Drag Race The 840HP Dodge Demon
car news 17 January 2018
Plenty of Dodge Hellcat owners learned firsthand that having 707 horsepower at their disposal is probably too much for the road. With even...
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Modded Hellcat And Twin Turbo Viper Show Us The True Meaning Of "Photo Finish"
car news 10 January 2018
As if a straight line battle between a stock Challenger Hellcat and a Viper wouldn't be delightful to watch in its own right, these two...
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The Original Dodge Viper RT/10 Will Always Be A Very Scary Car
car news 09 January 2018
The first-gen Dodge Viper RT/10 was the stuff of dreams. Or perhaps nightmares. One that could punish you in every given opportunity, but st...
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Brand New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Simply Owns The Drag Strip
car news 05 January 2018
Not many stock cars can brag about running the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds, or faster than early Bugatti Veyrons - but then again,...
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"General Lee" Dodge SRT Hellcat Challenges Lambo Aventador
car news 03 January 2018
The modern Dodge Challenger makes for a very interesting General Lee, even if the original was actually a Charger. It becomes even more int...
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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Wipes The Floor With Challenger Hellcat
car news 29 December 2017
When the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was released, it quickly became the king of the drag strip, frequently out-accelerating much more exp...
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Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Races Challenger Hellcat In Forza Motorsport 7
car news 23 December 2017
According to the people who deal in algorithms and virtual physics and developed the Forza Motorsport 7 game, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Track...
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Hennessey And Dodge Introduce The World's Fastest Christmas Tree
car news 21 December 2017
Christmas is right around the corner and Hennessey Performance is celebrating the occasion in typical fashion. In the company's latest v...
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Dodge Demon Puts Down 724 RWHP On Pump Gas During Dyno Test
car news 21 December 2017
There's a button inside the Dodge Challenger Demon that allows you to switch between regular pump gas and 100+ high-octane race fuel. T...
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Viper-Powered Dodge Charger Leaves Jay Leno Impressed
car news 11 December 2017
One of the most popular show cars in this year’s SEMA was arguably this heavily modified 1968 Dodge Charger. It took Johan Eriksson and his ...
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Dodge Viper Crashes Following A Cars and Coffee Event In Texas
car news 06 December 2017
Cars and Coffee might as well be renamed Crashes and Coffee at this point as yet another accident has occurred following an event. The lates...
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McLaren 720S Vs 800 HP Dodge Viper ACR: Who's The Boss?
car news 22 November 2017
One would think that a Dodge Viper ACR would be enough to tackle the new McLaren 720S - especially a tuned example like this one. This part...
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Humble Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Gives Corvette C6 A Taste Of 707 Horses
car news 22 November 2017
If you own a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that�s capable of out-accelerating most supercars, one couldn�t blame you for being a little arrogant...
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Is Dodge's Widebody Challenger Hellcat Better Than The Normal Hellcat?
car news 28 October 2017
The third-generation Dodge Challenger is almost a decade old but it continues to sell well , predominantly thanks to the 2015 launch of the ...
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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Involved In Texas High Speed Chase
car news 16 October 2017
A 25-year-old has been involved in a high-speed chase through Houston, Texas after allegedly stealing a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat . The m...
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New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Impresses In Latest Review
car news 30 September 2017
The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is one of the most extreme vehicles ever created and MotorWeek recently got its hands on the highly anticipa...
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Vin Diesel Channels Dominic Toretto In Dodge Commercial
car news 22 September 2017
Dodge has just dropped a new commercial for its high-performance vehicles that includes a cameo from Hollywood actor Vin Diesel. Stars of Th...
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These Heroes Are Making A 707HP Hellcat-Powered 1969 Dodge Charger
car news 09 September 2017
We’ve seen a Hellcat-powered Ram pickup truck as well as what FCA can do with the engine in the Dodge Challenger, Charger and Jeep Grand Ch...
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FCA's Ralph Gilles Hits The Track In His Dodge Viper ACR
car news 08 September 2017
Ralph Gilles isn’t just the head of design at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles but he is also a huge revhead and the proud owner of a Dodge Viper A...
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