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Mercedes AMG Project One

AMG Boss Tobias Moers Isn’t Concerned About Nurburgring Lap Times – Or Is He?
car news 01 April 2018
After #Nissan started this game with the R35 GT-R, the Nurburgring became the place where every automaker had to put down a fast lap. The...
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Mercedes-AMG Project One Dissected By The Men Who Designed It
car news 01 January 2018
From the CLK GTR to the SLR McLaren , Mercedes has made some epic supercars over the years – but nothing quite like the Mercedes-AMG Projec...
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The Latest Hypercars Would Make Awesome Le Mans Racers
It had a good run, but today's LMP1 class is all but completely dead – killed by a gradual bleeding of its vital participating manufactu...
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Mercedes Collaborates With Linkin Park To Make Electrified AMGs Sound Better
car news 23 December 2017
Mercedes-AMG is cooperating with Linkin Park , alongside other experts in different fields, to make sure that their upcoming electrified mod...
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Project One Leads The Mercedes-AMG Pack In LA
car news 30 November 2017
The CLS may be Mercedes' star at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show , and yet it pales next to the AMG Project One. Displayed for th...
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Someone's Already Selling A Build Slot For The Mercedes-AMG Project One
car news 07 November 2017
The Mercedes-AMG Project One has yet to hit the assembly lines, but an example is already listed for sale priced at €4.51 million, or $5.23...
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