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Lucid Motors Ready To Move Into Bigger Headquarters In Newark, California
car news 28 November 2017
Lucid Motors announced its new, bigger headquarters in Newark, California which is twice the size of their existing one. The EV start-up com...
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Two-Tone Lucid Air Takes A Bow In Monterey
Lucid Motors has given the world a taste of its second prototype, unveiling a tweaked Air during Monterey Car Week in the U.S. Compared to ...
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AM General Wants To Work With Startup EV Companies
car news 02 August 2017
AM General is targeting a collaboration with startup EV companies, now that its most recent product is about to be out of production. The US...
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Lucid Motors Holds Takeover Talks With Ford, Sale Possible
Lucid Motors is pondering a possible sale to Ford while in the midst of a new round of financing. Automotive News reports that the electric...
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Electric Lucid Air Prototype Posts 235MPH Top Speed In Latest Test
Remember when Lucid Motors took an Air prototype to 217mph ? That record was just broken, with the same car hitting a GPS-verified 235mph at...
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