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Here's How The Lamborghini V10-Powered Italdesign Zerouno Came To Life
car news 18 November 2017
Deep-pocketed enthusiasts cannot buy an Italdesign Zerouno straight from the company, as all of them have been sold. However, this isn�t st...
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First Italdesign ZeroUno Delivered To Its Eagerly Awaiting Owner
car news 02 October 2017
See this Italdesign ZeroUno ? It looks just like the one unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this past March, right? Only it isn't. What ...
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Sold Out Italdesign Zerouno Hits The Market At $3 Million
car news 11 September 2017
Barely a month after it was revealed that all five units of the Italdesign Zerouno were sold out, one has already hit the used car market. ...
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Watch The Italdesign Zerouno Hit The Road In California
car news 20 August 2017
The first time we saw the Italdesign Zerouno was on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show , and even in such jam-packed surroundings, it stood...
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Italdesign Zerouno Sold Out, But A Roadster May Follow
car news 06 August 2017
Were you procrastinating on placing your order for an Italdesign Zerouno ? Well we're sorry to tell you that your chance has passed. But...
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Meet The New V10-Powered Italdesign 2017 Supercar
car news 22 February 2017
Following an extensive teasing campaign , Italdesign have finally unveiled their latest ultra-limited series car. Read more »
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Italdesign Introduces New Brand Dedicated To Production Cars
car news 16 February 2017
Italdesign has announced that it will debut a new sub-brand, dubbed Italdesign Automobili Speciali, at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. Read ...
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