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Is The VW Up GTI Really Channeling The Original Golf GTI?
car news 27 January 2018
VW has launched a proper GTI version of the Up city car, and now it’s time to find out whether it deserves that badge or not. The company...
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2018 VW Golf R: Too User-Friendly For Its Own Good?
car news 18 January 2018
Most motoring enthusiasts have always favored the Volkswagen Golf GTI over the competition, but in recent years the ante has been upped con...
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Insane FWD VW Golf GTI Mk3 Runs 1/4 Mile In 8.53 Seconds
car news 09 January 2018
Remember when 10-second cars were exotics or heavily tuned Japanese models with all-wheel drive? Well, things have changed, because this i...
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VW Previews Its 2018 Product Plans With A Movie Trailer
car news 04 January 2018
If VW's agenda for 2018 was turned into a movie script, it would probably get directed by M. Night Shyamalan. What we mean by that is we...
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VW Golf R Mk6 With 800HP Runs 1/2 Mile In 18 Seconds!
car news 30 December 2017
For hot hatch fans, Volkswagen Golfs don't get much cooler than the range-topping 'R' version. As we have learned over the year...
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470HP VW Golf R By APR Beats Canyons Into Submission
car news 29 December 2017
Tuned VW Golf Rs have gained the reputation of offering a “mini GT-R” vibe and it’s easy to see why after watching what APR has done to the...
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New VW Polo GTI Is A Great All-Rounder But Not A Firestarter, Says Review
car news 28 December 2017
Hot hatches are meant to be exciting devices that make you take the long road home, and the latest VW Polo GTI wants to be that car. Packing...
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Original VW Phaeton W12 Remains As Curious As Ever
car news 26 December 2017
Volkswagen recently admitted that the Tesla Model S effectively killed off all plans for a next-generation Phaeton. However, this isn’t to ...
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 VW Golf Mk1 With 455HP Proves Old-Timers Still Have What It Takes
car news 20 December 2017
They do say that classics never die; that applies to the automotive industry as well, and the first-gen Volkswagen Golf is on that list, esp...
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Is The Most Powerful VW Polo GTI Ever More Fun To Drive, Too?
car news 17 December 2017
VW has been making GTI versions of the Polo for quite some time now, but the new generation wants to achieve more than its predecessors did...
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Order The New VW Polo GTI From €23,950 In Germany [74 Images]
car news 13 December 2017
Volkswagen has started taking preliminary orders for the 2018 Polo GTI in Germany. Building upon the sixth-gen supermini , the range-toppin...
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