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3D Design

Avus Blue 750Li Is An Alluring Mix Of BMW Individual And Aftermarket Parts
car news 30 December 2017
If you're the type of BMW customer who would like to personalize his 7-Series , you might want to pay attention to this one that's c...
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BMW X6 M By 3D Design Brings Some Extra Bling In The Middle East
car news 15 December 2017
This tuned X6 M is the latest Bimmer to arrive at Abu Dhabi Motors , and it's equipped with a variety of aftermarket bits. 3D Design is ...
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Imola Red BMW M760Li Could Brighten Up Anyone's Day
car news 13 November 2017
In some cases, color alone can make the difference between simply acknowledging a nice car, and one that - for whatever reason, you just can...
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