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MG Entering Indian Market With New Hector SUV – Except It’s Not An MG
car news 25 May 2019
While in the UK MG recently unveiled the ZS EV, the automaker will enter the Indian market next month with a new SUV called Hector.
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GM’s Baojun 360 MPV Is An Estate That Wants To Be A Minivan
car news 28 April 2018
General Motors is tapping deeper and deeper into the Chinese car market, and its latest offering is the #Baojun 360. The estate with a ...
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Roewe Marvel X Is A Pure-Electric SUV From China
car news 26 December 2017
The Roewe Marvel X is celebrating its premiere online, prior to its public debut set for the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, next April. Previewed b...
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Baojun Upgrades The 730 7-Seat MPV With 1.5-Liter Turbo Engine
car news 23 November 2017
Spending $15,000 on a new car in the US would land you a new Ford Fiesta with a few extras, but the same amount will get you a new Baojun 7...
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GM's Latest SUV, The Wuling Hong Guang S3, Costs Less Than $9,000
car news 10 November 2017
If you live in China, for a mere RMB 56,800, which comes out to just $8,558 at the current exchange rates, you could get GM's latest SUV...
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New Baojun 510 SUV With Auto Box Costs Less Than A Ford Fiesta In China
car news 09 September 2017
Presented at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show, the Baojun 510 can now be had with an automated manual transmission. The China-only small...
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 GM's Baojun 560 Gets Seven Seats, Dual Clutches
car news 16 August 2017
Of all the SUVs that GM produces and markets around the world, the Baojun 560 may be the least familiar... to most Western readers, at leas...
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China-Only Baojun E100 Is GM's Cheapest Electric Vehicle At $5,300
car news 08 August 2017
General Motors' Chinese joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling has introduced the Baojun E100, a small electric car inspired by the Smart ForTwo E...
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