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Mazda Scoops

Is This The Mazda RX-9 Mule We’ve Been Waiting For?
car news 07 December 2017
A very suspicious-looking Mazda RX-8 was spotted around the Nurburgring, with our spies telling us that this is a mule powered by the compan...
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Mazda Kai Concept Teases Next Mazda3, But Don't Get Your Hopes Too High
car news 24 October 2017
The first photos of the Mazda Kai concept were released today, just ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. Designed to preview the nex...
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New Mazda3 Prototype Spied With A Skyactiv-X Engine
car news 31 August 2017
Mazda recently announced plans for a high-tech Skyactiv-X engine and the company has already begun testing prototypes with the new powertra...
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Mazda CX-8 Brochure Leaked, Reveals What We Already Knew
car news 04 August 2017
Mazda is about to introduce a new SUV in its Japanese lineup in the form of the CX-8, a slightly shorter version of the CX-9 and a few photo...
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