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Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg’s Displaying Two Regeras And A Restored CCX In Geneva
Koenigsegg is speeding straight for the Geneva Motor Show this week with a trio of its ultra-exclusive hypercars, paying tribute to its p...
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This Is How You Crash Test A Koenigsegg Regera
car news 28 December 2017
Even the smallest, most exotic car manufacturers have to put their supercars through the normal crash test procedures to ensure that they’r...
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First Koenigsegg Regera Fitted With The New Aero Pack Debuts In Monterey
car news 21 August 2017
Koenigsegg visited Monterey with a fleet of new and older models , where it also revealed the new Aero package for the Regera , as well as t...
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Koenigseggs Convene For The Trip To Monterey
car news 17 August 2017
With less than 150 made to date, seeing a Koenigsegg out on the road is a very rare sight. Seeing a whole group of them is even more so, bu...
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Koenigsegg's Sold All 80 Regeras It Will Ever Make
car news 14 June 2017
Want a Koenigsegg Regera? Don't we all. But you can't have one, even if you have the seven-figure asking price... because they'r...
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Koenigsegg Regera Visually Gets Back To Basics In Bare Carbon
car news 27 February 2017
Koenigsegg's customers have been known to order up some rather outlandish color combinations. The company's own employees , too, in ...
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Koenigsegg To Sell The Regera Down Under
car news 21 February 2017
Due to the rather simple fact that Australia is one of just a few countries to drive on the left, there aren’t many hypercars of the recent ...
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Koenigsegg's Design Chief Like His Regera In Orange
car news 15 February 2017
It's all well and fine to see how random employees from this department or that at Koenigsegg would spec their Regera. But what we'v...
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