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Lexus RC

2018 Lexus RC Gets Modest Enhancements, Confusing Nomeclature
car news 18 September 2017
Lexus has announced a series of revisions to its RC coupe lineup, the most notable of them a modest increase in output and a renaming of so...
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Mysterious Lexus RC F Spied, Is It A New Performance Variant?
car news 12 September 2017
A mysterious Lexus RC F prototype has been spied undergoing testing on the Nürburgring. Caught during a wet run, the car is heavily camoufl...
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Lexus RC F GT3 Reminds Us How Awesome Racing Cars Look All In Black
car news 28 February 2017
Sometimes we forget, but racing cars look awesome in black. Don't get us wrong, we dig racing liveries (some more than others), and cam...
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