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Batman's Tumbler And Justice League Batmobile Appear For Sale In Dubai
car news 15 December 2017
When it comes to memorable movie cars, few from recent times are more iconic than Batman’s Tumbler used in Batman Begins , The Dark Knight ...
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Batman Picks A Fancy Mercedes For His Daily Duties In Justice League Film
car news 06 October 2017
That’s right; the Lamborghini is gone but Bruce Wayne has a new set of wheels for when the Batmobile is safely parked in the cave. Mercedes...
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The Bustang Is A $5,000 Batmobile Bargain
car news 04 October 2017
Throughout the decades, numerous different versions of the Batmobile have appeared in print, on film and during TV series’. However, the Li...
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Justice League’s New Batmobile Swaps Windows For More Guns
car news 21 July 2017
With Justice League just a few months away from theaters, it was almost certain that Batman’s new ride would show up at some point this sum...
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Live Out Your Childhood Dreams With This Original 1966 Batmobile
car news 13 June 2017
Many a boyhood dream has been filled with the idea of driving the Batmobile . Seldom does the chance to realize that dream come up, but that...
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