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Aptiv And Lyft To Bring Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service To CES
car news 02 January 2018
Aptiv and Lyft have joined forces to launch a "first-of-its-kind fully automated point-to-point ride-hailing experience " for the ...
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Lyft And NuTonomy Launch Robo-Taxi Service In Boston
car news 07 December 2017
Lyft and autonomous driving company nuTonomy has rolled out a fleet of robo-taxis throughout Boston. The two companies first publicized the...
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Autonomous Ride-Sharing Fleets Could Slash Demand For Owner-Driven Sedans
car news 04 December 2017
A new study suggests that the rise of autonomous ride-sharing fleets could halve the demand for owner-driven sedans in the United States by ...
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Lyft Gets The Go-Ahead To Test Autonomous Cars In California
car news 24 November 2017
Lyft has become the latest company to be granted the green light to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in California. The ride-hailing...
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Study Says Ride-Hailing Services Will Lead To Declining Car Sales
car news 14 November 2017
According to a study by IHS Markit , global car sales will be on the decline over the next two decades as consumers are set to embrace on-de...
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Alphabet Leads A $1 Billion Financing Round In Lyft, Pushes Valuation To $11 billion
car news 19 October 2017
Waymo is expected to launch its ride-hailing service soon but that hasn't stopped its parent company from leading a $1 billion financin...
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Ford To Deploy Self-Driving Vehicles With Lyft
car news 29 September 2017
Ford has just announced a partnership with Lyft which will see its autonomous vehicles deployed in the ride-hailing service’s platform by 2...
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Google May Invest $1 Billion In Lyft
car news 17 September 2017
Alphabet, Google's parent company, could invest up to $1 billion in ride-hailing company Lyft . Autonews reports that the technology co...
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FBI Investigating Uber Over Software To Track Lyft Drivers
car news 12 September 2017
Uber is being investigated by the FBI over software it allegedly used to track Lyft drivers. It is alleged that from 2014 to 2016, Uber use...
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GM Could Be Gearing Up To Battle Lyft And Uber
car news 16 August 2017
There's a saying that you should 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' and it appears General Motors could be doing ...
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