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G-Power’s BMW M6 Coupe Has 800 PS And M4 GTS-Like Looks
car news 28 October 2018
G-Power thinks the ideal M6 Coupe needs a heck of a lot more power and a more aggressive look and, for the most part, we couldn’t agree m...
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New BMW M5 Gets Up To 800 Horses From G-Power, Drops 0-100km/h To 2.9s
car news 17 September 2018
Your ideal BMW M5 F90 might differ from G-Power’s, but the German’s tuner propositions are very exciting. Building upon the twin-turbo 4....
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Who Needs An 800HP Merc Estate? Nobody – And That’s Why We Like It
car news 15 August 2018
Most of G-Power’s tuning experience may come from creating other-worldly BMWs, but the tuner’s latest Mercedes-AMG E63 S shows that it is...
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750PS BMW X5 M Wants To Show Lambo's Urus Who's Boss
car news 14 December 2017
There are plenty of options to choose from if you want to tune your BMW X5 M , but G-Power's is perhaps one of the most interesting out ...
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G-Power Pumps New Blood Into Certain BMW 5-Series Models
car news 23 October 2017
Unlike some of their other upgrades , G-Power's latest offering, aimed at the new BMW 5-Series, isn't all that flashy, although powe...
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G-Power's Mercedes-AMG GT S Would Gladly Wear The 'R' Badge
car news 06 October 2017
The Mercedes-AMG GT S has received a healthy power boost from G-Power, which lifted the stock output to 610PS (601hp) and 755Nm (557lb-ft) ...
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G-Power's BMW X5 M Is An Extroverted Typhoon With 750 Horses [w/Video]
car news 19 September 2017
Using words such as 'Typhoon' or 'Hurricane' to describe cars is not exactly appropriate these days, after the natural disas...
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Turn Your Stock BMW M3 E9X Into A Supercar Slayer With G-Power's Mods
car news 11 August 2017
Despite being replaced by a much newer model, the V8-powered BMW M3 remains one of the most appreciated performance compact luxury saloons ...
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G-Power's 460 PS BMW 750d Is As Fast As An M3
car news 31 July 2017
Unlike their usual BMW projects , which saw them take on the company's M cars, G-Power's latest creation builds upon a 7-Series, and...
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G-Power Upgrades Base BMW Z4 sDrive18i To 204 PS
car news 16 June 2017
Mostly known for tuning BMW M cars up to 1,000 horsepower, G-Power have expanded their offerings which now include upgrades for the more hu...
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