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Tesla Model X

Buyers Think New Cars Are More Reliable Than Used Models
According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, one of the primary reasons that consumers want to purchase a new car is becau...
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Tesla Introduces Trip Planner To Give Potential Customers A Real Look At Ownership
car news 06 January 2018
With the release of the Model 3, Tesla is finally expanding into a fully-fledged manufacturer that appeals to a significantly higher number ...
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Tesla Model X Exceeds Towing Limit, Pulls Volvo Semi In The Snow
Despite some very slippery conditions, this Tesla Model X managed to pull a struggling Volvo semi truck up a hill in Raleigh, North Carolin...
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Tesla Delivered 1550 Model 3s In Fourth Quarter, Production Plans Pushed Back Again
Tesla has fallen short of Wall Street expectations by revealing that it delivered just 1550 examples of the Model 3 in the fourth quarter o...
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Tesla Celebrates The Holidays With Santa Mode Easter Egg
car news 26 December 2017
To help celebrate the holiday season, Tesla has introduced a special ‘Santa Mode’ easter egg for the Model S and Model X. Santa Mode can be...
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CR Owners Survey Lists Top 5 Most Satisfying New Cars
car news 24 December 2017
Whether you're a petrolhead or not, there aren’t many things as enjoyable as buying a new car, but choosing among the plethora of models...
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Tesla Model X And Hummer H2 Engage In A Tug Of War
car news 22 December 2017
The Tesla Model X has already proved its credentials by offering a very good electric range, and being surprisingly faster than some superca...
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All-Wheel Drive Now Standard On All Tesla Model S and X Vehicles
car news 21 December 2017
Tesla has announced that all new Model S and Model X vehicles will now come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard. It was only three ye...
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Tesla Says Certain Owners Can No Longer Use Superchargers
car news 20 December 2017
Tesla has revealed that all new vehicles it sells that will be used for commercial purposes can no longer use the Supercharger network . The...
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Tesla Model X Goes Sand Surfing In The Desert
car news 11 December 2017
The Middle East has a very different car culture, one that often includes high-speed drifting on public roads and the ever-popular dune bas...
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Analyst Claims It Costs Over $2,000 A Year To Service A Tesla
car news 08 December 2017
It appears as though the maintenance costs to keep Tesla vehicles on the road are much higher than many would have you believe, at least ac...
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Mercedes Reportedly Caused $18K In Damage To A Rented Tesla Model X
car news 04 December 2017
Mercedes is preparing to launch its electric EQC crossover in 2019 and it appears the company recently decided to check out the competition...
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