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Bentley Bentayga Goes From Super To Hyper SUV With Startech’s Upgrades
car news 07 February 2018
For most owners of the Bentley Bentayga, having the car’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine develop 608PS (600hp) and 900Nm (664lb-ft) of t...
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Startech Brings Land Rover Discovery’s Offset Number Plate Back To Symmetry
car news 06 December 2017
If you feel your OCD kicking in every time you lay eyes on the Land Rover Discovery’s rear end, S tartech has just the right thing for you....
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Startech Dips This Bentley Continental GT In Custom Paint, Adds Carbon
car news 20 November 2017
If you're looking to buy an elegant and imposing luxury GT , a Bentley Continental GT might very well be on your shopping list. Througho...
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Tuned Bentley Bentayga In Exclusive Shadow Gold Not For The Faint Hearted
car news 04 October 2017
Brabus sub-brand Startech first came up with their upgrades for the Bentley Bentayga in mid-2016, and since then, we've seen quite a fe...
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Brabus And Startech Combine For Monstrous Amounts Of HP At IAA
car news 14 September 2017
Brabus, along with their subsidiary Startech, have brought a great deal of luxury models to this year's Frankfurt Motor Show , from 900 ...
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Startech Gives New Land Rover Discovery A Tuning Makeover
Startech is set to unveil an exclusive accessories range for the all-new Land Rover Discovery at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, from s...
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Startech Gives Bentley Mulsanne A Discrete Spoiler Job
car news 14 July 2017
With the Bentley Mulsanne being such an inherently luxurious car, Startech thought to add a couple of very small changes to the exterior, s...
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