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Dacia Logan

Budget Dacia Logan Shape-Shifts Into Something More Premium
car news 21 January 2018
When Renault first put pen to paper in order to build the Dacia Logan , the goal was to create a car that was modern, reliable but more imp...
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Is A £90k Mercedes-AMG E63 S Really 10 Times Better Than A £9k Dacia?
car news 04 December 2017
It's David versus Goliath in CarWow's latest video, which puts together two very different cars against each other: the estate vers...
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Dacia's New 74HP Sandero And Logan MCV Will Race A Turtle, Not Much Else
car news 27 July 2017
Dacia has made a series of updates to the Sandero and Logan MCV , in Europe's largest right-hand drive market. The most significant impr...
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Renault Heading To Geneva With 'EV Surprise', Facelifted Captur
car news 23 February 2017
Renault are getting ready to storm Geneva with an extensive lineup, which will also include an electric vehicle. Read more »
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Dacia Logan MCV Stepway Joining Limited Edition Models In Geneva
car news 22 February 2017
Dacia have expanded their Stepway family by releasing a new version of the Logan MCV, making its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Read m...
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