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Mazda Kai Concept Teases Next Mazda3, But Don't Get Your Hopes Too High

The first photos of the Mazda Kai concept were released today, just ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Designed to preview the next-generation Mazda3, the Kai concept is a stylish five-door hatchback which features a dynamic kodo design. Still, as so many concepts have proven time and time again, the production car will undoubtedly be less aggressively styled and stanced - no need to explain.

On the study, the front of the car is dominated by massive grille that is flanked by recessed headlights and a prominent splitter. Moving further back, we can see flowing bodywork and muscular fenders.

The unique styling continues up top as designers created a distinctive roof which has two large glass panels above the passenger seats. Other notable styling features include flush door handles, a dual exhaust system, and a small tailgate-mounted spoiler.

While the exterior has a lot of eye-catching details, the interior is an act in simplicity. Drivers sit behind a three-spoke steering wheel and find themselves facing a traditional instrument cluster. The car is equipped with a high-tech infotainment system but its panel has been integrated into the dashboard so it effectively fades out of view when not needed.

Elsewhere, we can see black leather upholstery which is contrasted by red accents. Other highlights include piano black trim and tasteful touches of chrome.

Mazda is expected to release details about the car tomorrow, so stay tuned for more information..

H/T to Josh!

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